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Case #199 – Specialised hospital beds to Kharkiv Hospital

HUMANITARIAN AID DONATED Baby Lifeline, Andrea Fraser from from Edinburgh, NHS Scotland a UK based charity ("the consignor") donated to Ukrainian Hospital in Kharkiv and Mechnikov Regional Clinical Hospital:

• Field Hospital Beds, Bedding and Linen

• Operating Table

• Blankets

• Sleeping Bags

• Portable Baby Cribs

• Mobility Aids including Walking Sticks

• Medical Consumables and Bandages

The volunteers and supporters who made it happen:

Andrea Fraser - Scottish Civil Justice Lawyer at JUSTICE (organised the aid collection from Scotland, coordinated it). Natalia Gorak - a volunteer and Ukrainian activist, who helped us find the logistics to Kharkiv. Natalia found, verified and provided Sunflower with contacts of the NGO Ukraine Alive 2022 and its’ CEO - Boris Pahol. Boris delivered 3 tonnes of aid to Ukraine from the border in Poland. Volunteer Nataliya Mykhalchenko - volunteer, communication specialist in this case, who made the main communications between the receiver and sender. Igor Sklianko - a volunteer, who delivered a part of the aid to the Dnipro Hospital. Volunteer Oleksandra Gurvits. Supporters - Samir Desai and Jason Du Preez, who made generous donations and covered the logistics from Scotland to Ukraine. Operations Team Lead at Sunflower - Daria Tsebrii, who coordinated the delivery, communication, verification, transactions of donations. Irra Ariella Khi - CEO of Sunflower, who was doing fundraising, support and management.


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