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Upsetting article – Part 3

The operation to denazify Ukraine, which began with the American phase, will be carried out on a global scale according to the same logic as the military operation.

At each of them it is necessary to achieve irreversible changes, which require the results of precise requirements. In this case, the following initial steps of denazification are determined as follows:

  • liquidation of armed nazi formations (which means any armed formations of Ukraine, including the Armed Forces of Ukraine), as well as the military, informational, educational infrastructure that ensures their activity;

  • the formation of public self-government bodies and police (defense and law enforcement) of the liberated territories, protecting the population from the terror of underground Nazi groups;

  • installation of the Russian information space;

  • withdrawal of educational materials and prohibition of educational programs at all levels containing Nazi ideological guidelines;

  • mass investigative actions on the established particular case;

  • borrowing, publishing the names of accomplices of the Nazi regime, involving them in forced labor upon the destruction of accidents in some cases for Nazi activities (from among those who will not be subject to the death penalty or imprisonment);

  • adoption at an acceptable level under the supervision of Russia of primary normative acts of denazification "from below", a ban on all types and forms of the revival of Nazi ideology;

  • the establishment of memorials, commemorative signs, monuments to the victims of Ukrainian Nazism, perpetuating the memory of the heroes of the struggle against it;

  • the inclusion of a complex of anti-fascist and denazification norms in the constitutions of the new people's republics;

  • creation of permanent denazification bodies for a period of 25 years.

Russia will have no allies in the denazification of Ukraine. Since this is a purely Russian business. And also because not just the Bandera version of Nazi Ukraine will be eradicated, but including, and above all, Western totalitarianism, the imposed programs of civilizational degradation and disintegration, the mechanisms of subjugation to the superpower of the West and the United States.


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