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Case #400/401 – Chuguiv Medicine for the Chuguiv Hospital

Sunflower Relief has got a request from Poltava - the city next to the front line. Poltava is one of the closest cities where all refugees come for shelter and aid.

Main contact for the case in Sunflower - Daria Tsebrii - Operations Team Lead at Sunflower Relief


Non-Governmental, Non-Profit Organisation Tribuna Aid Poltava asked for help to purchase EMERGENCY supplies for people in Poltava, Kharkiv and Chuguiv - which then was a frontline area.

The request was regarding medicine and food. Medicine would need to go to the Chuguiv Hospital. Official request see below:

These items were needed for refugees who are forced to live in different regions of the country, hiding in bomb shelters with small children (address assistance); orphanages; rehabilitation centers and nursing homes for the elderly which also accept refugees; de-occupied villages and towns, where people began to return after the de-occupation.

Hospital where the aid went was a front line hospital where the city was under the shelling every day - Chuguiv.

The company Accel has sponsored the aid and it was successfully delivered to both Hospital and Church in Ukraine and provided the vulnerable with humanitarian aid.


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