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Monthly Newsletter – August 2022

Our work is now a MARATHON, not a SPRINT. As the war enters its SIXTH month, Sunflower Relief is stronger than ever. This war is an endurance race that every displaced person – woman, child, elderly and vulnerable person – is forced to run. Sunflower will be holding the hands of Ukrainian civilians all the way to the finish line.

We could not succeed in our life-changing work without your help. THANK YOU from everyone at Sunflower Relief for your ongoing help.

Please support us in our unwavering mission to improve the lives of Ukrainian civilians unable to flee the war in their country.

Feature articles


Irra’s interview features on TechRound 6 July 2022

Irra and TechRound spread Sunflower’s mission to the world!

Sunflower CEO and force of nature, Irra Ariella Khi, connects with TechRound to spread the news of Sunflower’s ground-breaking humanitarian relief strategy to the world.

Sunflower is unique in its approach to tackling the humanitarian crisis unfolding in Ukraine. It has conquered border hold-ups and paucity of aid in the most desperate Eastern areas using the exceptional linguistic abilities of Sunflower’s volunteers and by cultivating a network of civilians and NGOs on the ground.

“Sunflower flips the aid model on its head: we source, identify, and verify high integrity organisations and recipients in Ukraine then match them – and their precise needs – with foreign aid looking for a way in. We have developed robust (yet very quick) verification procedures, reduced border hold-ups, and created a huge on-the-ground network.”

Sunflower’s team of over 220 full- and part-time volunteers work tirelessly to match every penny to a receiver in Ukraine. We follow up on every case to ensure our work makes the biggest impact on the lives of the civilians who need it the most.

👉  👉  👉 Click here for Irra’s full interview with TechRound.

💥 Founders Forum’s shout out to Sunflower

Founders Forum – a global network of world leaders, rising stars, investors and founders – paid homage to Sunflower relief this July in the #RebuildUkraine edition of its newsletter.

Alongside Founders Forum, Irra coordinated a world-first hologram appearance from President Zelenskyy at their June flagship event and six others simultaneously across Europe, raising over £840,000 ($1,000,000!) to support civilians in Ukraine.

In addition, Founders Forum Co-Founder and Chairman, Brent Hoberman used an appearance on the BBC to further highlight Sunflower’s humanitarian mission.

The extensive reach of the Founders Forum network is a fantastic opportunity for Sunflower to spread awareness and inspiration – we are honoured to have our live-saving work shared in this space. 💛💙

Case highlights

Washing machine delivery_edited.jpg

Delivery of washing machines and other white goods to Burshtyn College of Trade and Economics.

Case #890
We delivered washing machines, refrigerators, and other white goods to a trade college in Kyiv – a temporary home to displaced civilians

Since the first day of the invasion, over 12 million people have been forced from their homes in fear of their lives. Five million remain in Ukraine, displaced and unable to access foreign aid. The Bushtyn College of Trade and Economics – part of Kyiv National University – is now a temporary shelter for those fleeing the war. We delivered a washing machine, refrigerator, and electric kettle to restore a little piece of normality, and to make their lives more manageable during these long, hot, days.

Delivered: 15 July 2022

Receiver: Roman Cherneha – coordinator of the Anti-Crisis Humanitarian Aid Center

Supported by: Andreea Oprea, Catalina Anghel, Asociatia Pastel, Citizen of our Planet - Chillu Piper Foundation, US and Hungarian citizens Stuart and Kate

Provided: One electric kettle, one microwave oven, one table electric heater, one refrigerator, one washing machine, and transport to where it was all needed.

Can you help us do more?

Case #401
We delivered food, medicine, and clothing to displaced people living in a church in Kharkiv

Kharkiv is a city of active conflict in Eastern Ukraine. The city’s civilians are subject to regular missile strikes, destroying their homes. They are forced to seek refuge in a church, hiding for the most part in its basement desperately trying to escape the daily bombing.

We worked with NGO Tribuna to provide food, clothing, and medical supplies to the people residing there - victims of active war.

Delivered: 27 June 2022

Receiver: NGO Tribuna, Poltava

Supported by: Accel

Provided: Food, clothes, and medical supplies

Can you help us do more?

Supporter update

Lucas playing cello.png
Playing music for Ukraine

Lucas, 8, used the power of music to raise over £1,000 to support Sunflower.

He watched first-hand as communities in London rallied together at the start of the war to raise support for those in Ukraine, and felt determined to help out too. Every day he posted videos online of himself playing his cello and piano, raising (as of 11 July) over £1,000 to support displaced civilians in Ukraine.

The money raised by Lucas was used to sponsor Sunflower’s case with the international charitable foundation Victory and Future, which helps internally displaced people, elderly people, pregnant women, and orphans within Ukraine.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Lucas 💛💙

Lucas played his cello and piano every day to raise money to support Sunflower.

Thank you to everyone for your ongoing support. Every penny goes towards life-saving supplies for civilians on the ground in Ukraine. 

We have many cases that still need unlocking – please see our website for more details on cases that need your help.


🌻 Until this war stops, we don’t stop.

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